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Bud Rigoulot

Bud Rigoulot

Bud Rigoulot, a.k.a. I-Hopper, wanted to be a standup comedian when he grew up. Just as most of us know, sometimes what we want is not what we get.

Three years ago, a car accident left Bud with a knee injury. After long battle with infection, the doctors amputated his leg at the knee. Since returning to work was not an option, he began to fulfill his lifelong dream. With a strong will power, he's now well known in local comedy circuits. He's opened for famous comedians. He's performed one-hour comedy shows, working toward competitions. His goal is to appear on TV.

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Bud volunteers every day at an elementary school where his wife is employed as a counselor. He tells stories to classes and communicates with at risk children.

Last year he formed a nonprofit organization, Quarters for Kids. Donations go directly to school lunches for homeless children. This year Bud will be walking from Tacoma to Texas, raising money for the non-profit. For every quarter raised, he'll walk a mile. He'll be speaking at events along the way.

Bud will be telling his life's story. It's taken a 180 degree turn ever since he lost his leg. He is writing a memoir and hopes to have it published next year.

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